Citizens Cabinet

About the Cabinet

The Cherry Hill Citizens Cabinet is a volunteer group that meets with the Mayor and senior members of the administration to help the Township discuss ongoing initiatives, residents'  concerns, community needs, and more. The group serves as an additional communication vehicle between the Mayor’s Office and the residents of Cherry Hill. Members serve as ambassadors to their neighborhoods and community organizations.

By working together, we can ensure that the lines of communication remain open and the residents of Cherry Hill can continue to enjoy the town that we call home.

Meeting Minutes


February 28, 2018

The Mayor welcomed everyone for coming.

Things going on in Cherry Hill:

  • Cherry Hill started Human Relations Advisory Committee and held their first meeting in the fall.
  • Cherry Hill has installed five multi use turf fields – locations: Cherry Hill High Schools East & West, 2 at DeCou and one at Upper Chapel fields.
  • New tennis courts at Cherry Hill High Schools East & West
  • Parks and Playgrounds - Upgrading our local parks to be themed - each park will have a different theme.  Starting oldest to newest, and a couple at a time on east and west sides.  Dalessio Park in Knollwood is a Space theme. Woodland is trains. Jeremy Kane Park in Woodcrest is First Responders. Ashland Park is dinosaurs.
  • Police Department – Public safety is #1 priority. Cherry Hill is investing in a new communication system.
  • Croft Farm - Being redeveloped with new studios. Each will be a different color and shaded to be appropriate to the setting. Each will be about 600 sf, with bathrooms and access to running water. The old red building will then be updated, followed by the park at the center of it all. Hoping to complete by November 2018. Also building a fishing pier at the end of the walking trail toward Haddonfield.
  • CHIP - Cherry Hill Information Portal - All info needed for residents is now online, still welcome to come to town hall personally, but now you can also find the help you need online.  You can sign up for notifications to get as much or as little info as you want. The Twp. is adding more and more info every month.
  • Municipal Taxes - No increase for six years, slight decrease last year. Ratables have increased to roughly $194 million in the last four years, and Moody’s increased the Twp.’s bond rating to AA1 - makes it cheaper to borrow when needed.
  • Master Plan - Reminder that the Twp. is working on an updated Master Plan now. Will set tone for zoning for the next ten years.  Look for ways to participate, info available on the Twp.’s website.
  • Commercial & Retail Development Projects
    • Healthcare Highway - phase II for the patient tower is getting ready to start at Jefferson (old Kennedy).  Includes a helicopter pad on top, and represents a $200 million investment.
    • Penn Medicine at the old Syms location is doing extremely well, up to over 800 patients/week now.
    • Cooper is expanding at River View building near Crown Plaza.
    • Nemours is redoing the old Navion Building on Rt. 70 near Virtua.
    • The old Coast Line location will be a Memory Care Facility and should be opened in next couple of months - Symphony House.
    • A First Watch restaurant is opening.
    • Zara was added to the Cherry Hill Mall.
    • The old Pathmark Plaza behind the mall has been redone for the At Home store and looks great.
    • Tesla is finishing up next to the Atlas Wallpaper location on Route 70.  One of only a few locations in the country.
    • The Jaguar Dealer will have a total redo, just approved.
    • Lidl will be built near the Wawa by the Walmart on Rt. 38.
    • Primrose (a private school) is opening on Rt. 70 near the Camden County College location.
    • WoodSpring Suites is open and doing well on Frontage Rd at the old Steak & Ale location.
    • Urban Edge Properties purchased an open parcel of land near Total Wine off Rt. 38 to develop, optimistic that it will include redoing that plaza as well.
    • Behind PNC and Pier One at Garden State will be a new retail development, Home Goods / TJ Max will be one of the tenants.
    • Costco is starting, moving some dirt around, wants to be open by mid-2019. With it will now be a Duluth Trading retail location.
    • Lee Stone and Subaru properties are being actively marketed for development.

  • Residential development
    • Evans Mill at the old Haddonfield Lumber location is moving along.
    • Park Boulevard development - tearing down the old hotel for residential development that will be only 4 Miles from Philly, should be an attractive location.
    • Hampton Road and Saunders Publishing locations will be developed, very open campus approach. Main access will be off of Cuthbert Blvd, and includes preserved open space near Still Park.
    • The Jewish Federation is building senior living and special needs living on Springdale Rd.
    • Baker Lanes will be a behavioral health inpatient facility developed for Advanced Recovery