Supporting Units

Management Support
Located at Central Command on Marlkress Road, the Management Support Unit is responsible for all fiscal operations of the Fire District. This includes the maintenance of several internal controls in a system that provides reasonable assurance of meeting the Fire District's financial objectives. These objectives are:
  • Reliability of financial reporting
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
Financial Affairs
This unit manages the fire districts financial affairs in the following areas:
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Budget preparation and management
  • Cash management and investments
  • Deferred compensation plans administration
  • Health benefits management
  • Maintain a system of internal controls to safeguard fire district assets
  • Property and casualty insurances
  • State pension plans - certifying officer
Management Support Unit has managed to not only make the Cherry Hill Fire Department a model fire district, it has also been able to win major state and federal grants for special projects that ease the burden on our taxpayers.

Facilities & Procurement

The Facilities and Procurement Unit manages the Department's procurement programs, coordinates facility maintenance and repair initiatives, and delivery and inventory tracking of all materials in support of CHFD operations. All materials and services obtained for the Fire Department are in accordance with state guidelines and laws regarding bidding, competitive quotations, and direct contracting.

For more information, view the Cherry Hill Fire Department's current Purchasing Opportunities.